Runner Distances

Here's a quick reference guide for the legs of the race:  

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updated 7/27/2012

Of course, these numbers came straight from here

detailed course maps are available via the ragnar webpage.  Maybe more experienced Ragnarians (like that word? I think I just made it up) can speak up - but I have heard it is best to print out/be v. familiar w/your legs as sometimes tired crazy relayers like to mess w/the signs and screw people up .... Is this true? 


  1. I would say YES, it is highly recommended to know your routes. At least the major intersections and course routing. However, both years I ran this race they made major course revisions about 1-2 weeks before the actual race. So the best plan is print out a copy of the "race bible" to keep in the van. Regarding the issue of people messing with the course... It's pretty good actually. There was an issue when the course went through downtown DC (since changed), and random kids started playing with/moving the signs, but typically that's not a major concern. It is inevitable though, that people get lost on the course. No big deal. The worst case scenario will be having to run an extra mile or two to get back on course.

    1. That is helpful info Ted, thanks! We will make sure there is a race bible in each van. It's online, too - if anyone would like some light reading, haha. (it's really really long!!)

  2. Someone emailed and asked about how tied to each leg each runner is .... so I thought I'd share some of the details on the legs people picked and van placement....

    There were 2 considerations - mileage and van placement.

    Mileage - Erika and Laura(me) both wanted the shorter legs .... which puts us in opposite vans (legs 1 versus 10). Jess Moon wants a low mileage one b/c she is training for a 1/2 marathon and wants to avoid injury. I want to keep the couples together .... plus friends. So that means I'm hoping Annie can be in my van, Jess can be w/Nicole, and Brendan can be in Erika/Greg's van. I was also hoping to be in the van w/Nicole since I originally asked her to join in w/me & I don't see her very often.

    As far as how tied people are to their legs - - her is the info I have - please feel free to correct/update .... I (Laura) am pretty keen on keeping a low mileage run ... as is Nicole, Jess, and Erika. Annie, Ben, and Greg have all said they are pretty open to the mileage that they run, but Brendan and Ben expressed strong interest in the longer legs ... Brendan is going to be running a marathon and Ben is toying w/the idea as well. So the longer runs will support their training. Annie would prob. prefer a longer leg, but she is v. easy going.

    So that is how the legs came to be .... it's a lot of details to coordinate. If you are interested in changing legs, it is probably easiest to change legs within your van ... but of course that doesn't mean that the discussion is closed on changing vans, either ... it just will take more thought and planning.

    If you have thoughts/questions/comments/funny jokes (hehe) feel free to post to the blog - in the comments. This will help everyone stay "in-the-know".