Thursday, September 6, 2012

Getting the details organized

2 weeks away!!!  

So there have been lots of emails going around.  And I'm finding it difficult to keep track of. So I thought I'd lay some stuff out here in a blog post - so people can go back and reference. 

First off - a little disclaimer about money.  So as we get closer - more and more people are helping to pay for things.  I think that it is only fair if we all split everything equally among all 12 runners.  If you spend money on anything for Ragnar (including on the days of the race) - keep your receipts.  I will put it in the spreadsheet after the race and make sure we are all even.  I know that is what some of you guys did in years past.  Let me know if you have any questions or concerns with this method. 

Ok - now that money is out of the way ....... here's a run down of what's going on.  


Ok - I'm most excited about this.  I can't run, but I can cheer - LOUDLY!!!  
**So Amelia threw out the idea of bacon sweatbands - awesome!!  I'm going to let Amelia take the lead w/that - email/comment below if you need any help w/that.  
**T-shirts!! Nicole threw out some design ideas.  Head over here if you need reminding.  Let us know which design you like better ... option 1 or 2.  So Nicole and I plan to make these shirts in ~ a week - so send us your t-shirt size so we can start to get materials.  
**Van decorations - Ted mentioned that he has markers from years past.  So I think we will just use these to decorate our van.  I'm not an artist - but I can draw bubble letters.  Some people have brought up concerns w/cleaning the vans in time to return them - so we should definetly be mindful of this when we decide how much writing goes on the vans.  

2. VANS!!!!!

That brings us on to vans.  I think from all the emails it sounds like both vans have been rented.  I think we are still working out details for returning the vans?!  Are we all set w/who's picking them up?


We need 2 headlamps, 2 butt lights, and 6 reflective vests PER VAN.  We need to show these when we check-in at the initial leg for each van.

Here is how the situation works out ....
Van 1: 4 head lights and butt lights and 4 vests - from Laura, Ben, Nicole, & Ted
Van 2: 4 head lights (Laura F., Amelia, Greg, & Erika), 1 butt light (Laura F.), and 2 vests (Amelia & Greg). 

So basically - we're covered in head lights/butt lights but we need more vests.  Do we want to just make it a BYOV ... bring your own vest?  Amazon, Target, etc. all would have vests.  Please email the me or the team to make sure that we know we are all set w/vests.  

4.  VOLUNTEERS:  Paid $360 to cover all 3 shifts.   So we're good to go w/this.

5. RUNNERS - - we are still short 2 runners.  Sounds like there are some potential runners on the horizon ... more of the Russ family may be joining along =)  But keep your ears open in case that doesn't work out.  I have posted an ad on the ragnar website, facebook ragnar page, my facebook page, and sent emails to ~15-20 "runners looking for teams" via the ragnar site.  No luck yet. 

On the horizon ... 

we still need to figure out 
- - logistics - car pooling to the starting line, places to sleep Thursday night (is van 2 going to sleep anywhere or just head over Friday afternoon?), etc. etc. 

- - organizing supplies to bring ... what each runner needs for themselves and what we will want to share

- -getting phone numbers and organizing how we want to communicate on the day of the race

- - what to do if we run into problems on race day (e.g. can't find your runner, we get lost, etc)  

I plan to start these discussions and more this weekend. I just wanted to get this out tonight so that we are all up-to-date.  In the meantime, please correct me if I misspoke about anything.  

1. Send me or Nicole your t-shirt size
2. Buy a vest - if you don't already have one
3. Let us know if you have a design preference for the t-shirts


  1. Medium t-shirt for me please. Thanks!

  2. 1. I'll take a large shirt. Are we going with standard shirts or something like a Tech shirt?
    2. already got it
    3. I'll place my vote on option #1.