Wednesday, September 19, 2012

So many emails have been flying today.  Here is a summary:

Here is what we should expect to see for van ...

I know this is bigger than I thought we were getting, bonus!!!

Tonight, Ben or myself will move the information from Amelia's spreadsheet to a google doc spreadsheet that can be updated during the race.  Some folks will bring iPads (there should be at least 1 per van, and ipad charger, if needed).  That way when Ted gets lost if something changes, we can update the anticipated start times for each leg as we go.  

Meghan has a bike rack that can attach to a hitch that can carry 2 bikes ... this would mean van 2 has both bikes .... Laura & Ben have 2 bikes, but they are hybrids, not road bikes.  They are not the most friendly bikes for hills/racing.  But since the runner will prob. be slower than a biker, we should prob. be fine w/this?!  anyone else have road bikes they want to bring?  Do we want the bikes?  If we decide on the bikes, Van 1 will have to squeeze the bikes in van 1 until leg 7, when we can move the bikes to van 2's bike rack .... is this worth it?!  what do you guys think?? UPDATE:  Greg will bring a bike for van 2.  van 1 doesn't have a bike rack, so unless someone feels strongly, we can leave the bikes at home.  Van 1 - you ok w/this?  I'll send an email so we can discuss.

Lawn chairs can be nice.  Preferably ones that fold up real small.  For example, Ben and I have 2 camp/stadium chairs that will fit under the seats.  We also have these types of lawn chairs - they fold up and will prob. fit under the seats, as well.  

Each van will have a cooler (Greg has this under control for Van 2, Van 1 is covered from Laura & Ben).  each van should work out their own food situation.  Van 1 is having everyone bring their own food for themselves/to share.  

You need to arrive to your starting leg 1 hour before your start time to allow time to check-in, show off safety equipment, get race numbers, and take a safety course.  

We're looking for "race/bib number attachment thingys" (yes, that is their official name, I swear).  It'd be 
great to have 2 per van.  Otherwise we'll be fiddling w/pins, and who wants to do that.

Greg had some advice for moving the drop off location for the van.  Van 1 may try to change the drop off location ... to be determined.

REMEMBER to bring your reflective vest (we need 6-7 per van) and head light/butt light if you said you had one.  

Alright ... that's it for now.  T-28 hours until some of us start this road trip!

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  1. Thanks Laura. Just to add, I spoke with the Avis rep and they confirmed that we only have a 12 passenger van for van 1. Not sure about van 2, but we booked them on the same day from the same place and that was all they had when I booked van 1.

    It also doesn't look possible for us to change our drop off location for van 1. I was told by Avis that no other locations can accept this size of a van and that we'll need to drop it off by 4pm or we'll be charged for a 3rd day. boo