Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Status Update, a Race, and Housekeeping

Status Update: Alright team - so far we have 11 of 12 spots filled.  Last Call for dragging encouraging your friend to join in and fill our last spot.  I am pretty sure that everyone has burned through their list of friends and no one else has anyone that is interested in joining our team, but thought I'd check in.  If we are out of options - I can find someone on the facebook page. It shouldn't be hard - I checked on there last week and people are BEGGING to join teams.  Any preference - boy? girl? first one I see? the one who tells the funniest jokes?

RACE:  Ben and I will be running in the NCB Capitol Hill Classic in DC this weekend - Sunday, May 20th. There is a 3k (1.8 miles) and 10k (6.2 miles).  Ben will be doing the 10k, which starts @ 8:30; and I will (hopefully) run the 3k, which starts @ 10:30.  You can register through Wednesday (tomorrow) - $30 for 3k; $33 for 10k.  Otherwise, you can do late registration ($35) in person through 8:15 on Sunday - check the website for further details.

If you have any other races you want to run/want team members to join in on/think sound fun add them to the calendar.

1. WE NEED A TEAM NAME!!!  Any ideas?! Please post/email/send smoke signals ..... If I come up with it - it will be something like, "watch us run" or "12 people running" .... I bet you guys have waaaay better ideas!  I want to make sure we catch the 6/5 deadline to keep the cost down.

2. SEND ME YOUR MONEY!!! =) The registration cost is $100/runner.  (there may be more fees later) You can make checks out to: Laura Mott & send money to:

Laura Mott
204 S. Castle Street
Baltimore, MD 21231

I'd appreciate it if you can send it to me no later than May 31st - that way I can have time to get it in the bank and register our team in time. If this timeline is a problem - just shoot me an email and let me know (lpgaines@gmail.com). 

I think that's it for now.  Maybe we'll see some of you on Sunday.

PS: It's Nicole's Birthday on Sunday - - so you should blow up her facebook wall w/lots of messages and/or come to DC to give her lots of balloons and cake. =) =)

Monday, May 7, 2012

Please Welcome ....

.... Amelia & Laura F. to our team!!! =)  Amelia will be running leg #9 in van 2.  Laura F. is open to any leg .... Greg you and her can flip a coin! =)

We have 1 spot left!

Also - I fixed the training schedules - so now you all should be able to see them, too!  Go on over, check them out - - you know you want to! =)

20 weeks out!! =) =) =)

 Get your running shoes on!! We are officially 20 weeks out - which is when the race website suggests you start training ... some of you may already be trained up and ready to go ... but I know I will be working all 20 weeks to get myself ready for this race!

source: yourfunnystuff.com

To update you on the team .... We have 3 spots left - in van 2.  Ted and Nicole found a potential new awesome person (Amelia) and maybe her friend too - - I'm still waiting to hear back, but hopefully they are in!  Anyone else know someone who wants to join in?  We can also use the race boards that are on the ragnar website and/or facebook page to find our last team members.

I plan to register our team soon!


PS: I put training schedules on the "training schedules" tab - but I have been informed you can't see them unless you are logged in as me - hopefully I will be able to fix that tonight.  

Thursday, May 3, 2012

Our Team is Growing!!

Ok so here's the update on our team so far:

Definite yes's include:   Laura, Ben, Nicole, Ted, Erika, Greg, Brendan, Annie, and Jess.  That's 9 people - only 3 more to go!!

Check out the list in the side bar (-->) to see what legs are still available.  If you have a preference - write a comment in the post below so you can get added to the list. If you want details on how far each leg is - check here.  

Feel free to add fun races/events to the calendar.

Anyone know any one else who wants to join our team?!  We could really use some distance runners  ... 

If anyone has any team names brewing in their head - start bringing them in - once we have a full team we can vote on a team name and/or theme.