Thursday, July 26, 2012

Status Update

Hey Everyone! 

Our race is in 8 weeks and a few days!!! Can you believe it?!  

Just wanted to say boo!  It's been awhile since I've reached out to our team.  How is everyone's training going?  I know I had a rough July w/the heat wave that seems to be lingering and life in general, training has been difficult to fit in ... but I'm back on track.  Hopefully your training has gone more smoothly than mine.

10k Dash Sunday 7/29

Ben and I are seriously thinking about doing the 10k Dash on the Ragnar schedule this weekend.  It is this Sunday @ 8:00AM.  At this point, registration is $40/person ... packet pick-up is available @ the event.  Check out the website for further details. 

As far as housekeeping for our team ... 

Anyone know anyone who wants to volunteer?!  If not, we can pay a fee donate money to fill our volunteer quota.  We need 3 volunteers or $120/volunteer slot.  From what I hear, it isn't a very glamorous job and you can get stuck w/a bad location and time.  Time slots for volunteers open up 8/15, so if someone does want to volunteer I recommend we get them hooked up before then so they can have their choice of time/location.  I think most vets on our team have said that they have always paid for volunteers.  So at some point I will need to collect $30 from everyone.

Meeting up ....

I was also thinking - we should meet up ... what do y'all think?!?!!?  We can go over logistics/make shirts/hang out/have fun/etc. etc..  I'm thinking DC is prob. the best bet to get the most people - I think that is prob. the most central location, but I'm open to suggestions.  I realize some folks live way too far away to make that happen, and busy schedules prob. won't allow everyone to get together.  But hopefully we can get a lot of folks together.  If we can't make it happen in person, maybe can figure out a way to Skype or set up a conference call .... thoughts?

Possible dates for a meet-up:

Sun 8/5 (I know, it's short notice!)
Sunday 8/19
Sun 8/26
Saturday 9/1 or Sunday 9/9 (Labor Day weekend)
Friday 9/7 or Saturday 9/8 or Sunday 9/9

During the week may also be a possibility, but I know def. less preferably to me ... but I could prob. make it work.

Sooooooo - take away: 
1. let us know if you are interested in joining us for the 10k this weekend
2. anyone know any volunteers
3. let me know if you want to meet up and if so if any of those dates work!