Monday, April 30, 2012


So you want to join in on our DC Ragnar Race?  

Emails were getting difficult to keep track of - so I figured a blog would be a better forum for conversations.  Plus blogger has a feature where you can"reply" right in the comment section.  Here are the basic details .... 
The details: 
The deadline to sign up for early registration is 6/5/2012.  It is $100 per runner.  
The race is 9/21-9/22 (it requires you to take Friday off from work).  
The race starts in Cumberland and goes down to DC.
The race course is very hilly!!! some legs are more hilly than others 

The website lays out 2 different training schedules for beginner/novice runner (me!) and an intermediate training schedule (aka: Ben).  They suggest 20 weeks to train ... we are 21 weeks out. 

The Blog:
I figured we could create blog posts w/important information along the way.  I also am going to create pages for runner distances, important dates to remember, and since we don't all know each other - meet the runners.  We can coordinate van rentals/packing lists/etc. via the blog.  

Ahh - hope you are as excited about this as I am!! 


PS: Once we have 12 official runners - we can start talking and voting on a team name!!