Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Our Race is in 3.5 weeks!!!!

Ahh - our race is in 3.5 weeks!! Can you believe it?!  So here are a few things/updates.

1. I need your pace.  Can you please email me whatever your pace is for the average 10k.  I need this info to fill out the pace calculator.  It should be whatever you said it was on your ragnar profile.  This is going to help us get a finish time. 

2. RUNNERS - we need 2 more runners.  As you guys saw, Jessica is out.  And unfortunately, so am I!  :/  I have been injured for a few weeks. I'm finally on the uphill - but I don't think there is enough time to get the mileage in to finish training. I'm so super bummed about this!! But - if it's ok w/you all - I still hope to come and cheer you guys on and offer support in anyway that I can/help manage the team.  Poor van 1 is falling apart!  SOOOOO - help us fill our team - I already posted on the ragnar facebook page, the website, and my facebook wall .... but please ask around!  We need a full team again!!

3.  Greg is now the official team captain of van 2! =)  

4. We are working on getting vans and paying for volunteers.  A few other things that will require money - supplies for the vans & t-shirts/van decorations - I'm hoping we can divide and concur these items. 

5.There are prob. a few other things I have to get done, too - I'll get back to you soon w/more info.  Past veterans - feel free to email me any ideas of things to remember to do/if you think I'm forgetting something.

Be prepared for more emails/blog posts now that we are in the home stretch.  Can't wait for the big day(s).