Monday, May 7, 2012

20 weeks out!! =) =) =)

 Get your running shoes on!! We are officially 20 weeks out - which is when the race website suggests you start training ... some of you may already be trained up and ready to go ... but I know I will be working all 20 weeks to get myself ready for this race!


To update you on the team .... We have 3 spots left - in van 2.  Ted and Nicole found a potential new awesome person (Amelia) and maybe her friend too - - I'm still waiting to hear back, but hopefully they are in!  Anyone else know someone who wants to join in?  We can also use the race boards that are on the ragnar website and/or facebook page to find our last team members.

I plan to register our team soon!


PS: I put training schedules on the "training schedules" tab - but I have been informed you can't see them unless you are logged in as me - hopefully I will be able to fix that tonight.  

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