Thursday, May 3, 2012

Our Team is Growing!!

Ok so here's the update on our team so far:

Definite yes's include:   Laura, Ben, Nicole, Ted, Erika, Greg, Brendan, Annie, and Jess.  That's 9 people - only 3 more to go!!

Check out the list in the side bar (-->) to see what legs are still available.  If you have a preference - write a comment in the post below so you can get added to the list. If you want details on how far each leg is - check here.  

Feel free to add fun races/events to the calendar.

Anyone know any one else who wants to join our team?!  We could really use some distance runners  ... 

If anyone has any team names brewing in their head - start bringing them in - once we have a full team we can vote on a team name and/or theme.



  1. Hey Laura I'm definitely in. I'll be in full blown marathon training mode at that time so I'd like to take leg 11.


  2. great! I added you to the list! =)