Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Packing List & Welcome to Newest Members

Alright ... so a few things ... 

We have a full team!!! Can you believe it?!  Amorette & Meghan have both joined our team - as of yesterday!  So welcome them, hug them, kiss them, and cheer very loudly when they run b/c they are saving us from running MORE than we are already crazy enough to volunteer to run. =)  (PS: you may also want to hug, kiss, and cheer loudly for Erika who found both of these wonderful additions to our team!)

I will send out a group email to everyone so we have everyone's information.

Now - onto the packing list.  This was kindly forwarded from Ted - it's been used in years past.  So if you want to add any other suggestions, go ahead.  Our race is in just a few days - some of us leave Thursday.  Ahh!!!

EACH van needs:
-6 reflective vests (7 in van 1)
-2 head lights 
-2 tail lights 

Each Van Captain will make sure we have the following things:
-Cooler with ice 
- Water/sport drink/prefered beverage 
-Vehicle GPS with ALL exchanges preprogrammed in 
-GPS charger
-Binder with up to date race bible
-First aid kit - instant cold packs, mole skin, tape, ace bandages, band aids, pain pills, etc.
-Phone number list 
-2 Flashlights (other than the running head lights)

Ragnar recommends that each person pack (minimum):
o Warm coat
o Running jacket
o Sweat pants
o Two pairs of shorts
o Three shirts
o Change of underwear
o 3 or 4 pairs of socks
o Toothbrush
o Toothpaste
o Running shoes
o Comfortable shoes
o Any medications

I would say bring
-2 full sets of running clothes (in addition to the ones you will wear the first leg)
-Running shoes
-Your running gear (Garmin, watch, etc.)
-Deodorant (Please!)
-Body glide 
-Toothbrush (your call)
-Towels (at least 1)
-Off time clothes
-Off time shoes
-Extra socks
-Cell phone
-Cell phone charger
-Camera and charger
-Video camera and charger (if you've got it)
-Snack food
-Sleeping/Camping stuff (if you're deluded enough to think you'll sleep)
- eye mask and/or ear plugs?!

Ragnar recomends bringing fun stuff too:
o Blow horn
o Cow bells
o Frisbees
o Rubber chickens
o Van decorations
o Costumes
o Noise makers
o Candy
o Music
o Hula hoops
o Other Fun Stuff

-Each person is responsible for bringing their own snack food!  
-Plan on stopping to eat during your off time.  
-I also highly recommend topping off the gas tank while you're off.
-Please select one person from your van to pay for gas - and they can save the receipts and we will add it to the accounts payable spreadsheet



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